Legomenon Online Literary Journal Review

Legomenon Online Literary Journal is a new literary magazine that I find interesting for a few different reasons. While the “what is the meaning” theme of this new literary journal is very cool, one of the things I like most about Legomenon is how this online magazine publishes new non-fiction content continually, not just in the old-fashioned “edition” format used by most online journals. One thing that I don’t think makes much sense about most literary journals “online” is how most of these types of web publications will only release new editions once a month or even less often than this. To me, if you publish all of your new material all at once in set increments you are almost going out of your way to not take advantage of the many benefits there are to publishing online in the first place.

If you own an online literary magazine and you release all of your new material on a certain date, you might be putting too much pressure on your most loyal readers. While people who enjoy your online magazine might read a new article, essay, or poem each day, most people are probably not going to read all of your new material in one sitting. In most cases, readers of your literary journal will probably just read the articles written by the most recognizable authors and skip the rest. If, on the other hand, you published new content daily or as it becomes available, all of your authors–including the new and unknown–would get a more equal chance at having their work read. Also, your journal readers would get into the habit of checking out your online literary journal more frequently instead of just visiting at the beginning of the month or whenever they expect a new edition to be released.

Another thing I like about LEGOMENON: What is the Meaning? is the way that this online journal gives authors who write non-fiction critical essays a chance to get their work published. On the LEGOMENON homepage, the editors specifically state that one of the main goals of LEGOMENON is “publish compelling content that people actually want to read, with a special focus on analyzing the work of current artists.” I think this is a unique goal for an online literary journal, because most of the lit mags I see published online focus only on fiction and poetry. If an online journal does accept nonfiction submissions, they’re usually personal memoirs or autobiographical essays. I know there is a big market out there for people who want to get their original poetry and fiction published, but I’m sorry to say that I doubt there is as big a market for people who actually want to read original poetry and short stories. Maybe I really am a minority in this, but if you ask me I’d much rather read short essays about the hidden meaning of popular paintings, movies and songs than most of the new poetry I’ve seen online lately. (If you think I am being too harsh and know of some good poetry I should be reading, let me know.)

I think LEGOMENON literary journal offers a new and more modern approach to the online literary magazine format. If you think LEGOMENON sounds like a cool online publication yourself, according to the LEGOMENON homepage you can see your own essay related to the topic of “What is the meaning?” published as soon as your article is greenlighted by the editors. Come to think of it, I’ve been wanting to write out and publicize my own ideas about the secret meaning to Forrest Gump for a while now…


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