Prettypolis is a small personal photography website I created in 2007. I used Adobe Dreamweaver for the web design and Photoshop to jazz out–that is, edit and enhance–some wild images I caught with my pet camera, Snaporaz the Sony Cybershot. Since the site featured a relatively small portfolio of images, I opted for this old-fashioned “tube television” format–complete with Round Corners–allowing the pictures to just speak for themselves, you might say. By clicking on any of the sixteen thumbnails, the user is presented with a high-resolution magnification of each image (as seen below) and can return again to the homepage simply by clicking on the logo.

One footnote: like all “HTML” files I will preview on W-O-R-D-D-R, the JPEGs below are not really real HTML files at all, but cropped screenshots of HTML files. And yes–for all you employers out there on the fence about hiring me for your next great design project–I know how to do that!


Katie Shabi: Placebo, Sleeping with Ghosts (2005)


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