The Kitchen Sink Header Design

Unfortunately, I last checked my email Friday morning around 8:00AM, so I had no idea our class had been relocated until approximately 12:28PM. Since I still have no clue where HPER is, I also don’t know what we discussed in class or if/how we are supposed to update our blogs this week. Partly to knock out some groundwork on our literary journal but mainly because I am just a straight-up control freak and have some weird obsession with designing banners in general, I am proud to present the mockup header for The Kitchen Sink that I slaved over this weekend. Props to my team members for coming up with a fabulous name for our journal that also includes an obvious wealth of design possibilities. As for this blog post, prepare yourself for one last geek-out because I am about to go wild!

Making the most out of Adobe Photoshop’s layer opacity setting, some industrial designs I robbed from Google images–if you crop and edit them significantly is that still considered plagiarism?–and also Hammer Keys, I must say I am pretty pleased with how the logo turned out. (pats self on back) As for the font, I downloaded it from this totally awesome free font website a few years ago and rushed at the opportunity to use it again, mainly because it’s one of my all-time favorites. Don’t let the goofy faux-ghetto domain name fool you–this site actually has loads of really classy fonts, with which I have bogged down my computer and, now that I think of it, also maybe managed to crash my dad’s work PC with once… (I got chewed out for that even though I’m still pretty sure the crash had absolutely nothing to do with that, so watch yourself.)

I also want to congratulate myself specifically for the “a literary journal” text description that I painstakingly arranged to make look like water trickling out of the tap! (I used Beccaria for that part.) “How can the faucet be functional,” you might ask, “When the sink is clearly not even installed yet?” Such are the miracles of design, my friend. I’ll be honest, I actually thought of this particular touch later, after I had already gone to sleep. However, I actually got out of bed in the middle of the night to add that in, because apparently I couldn’t just wait until morning to do that, like a sane person… Still, I think the words-as-water metaphor is a good fit for The Kitchen Sink–but, then again, isn’t everything?–which we can possibly develop even more later, if we so choose.

IMHO, I think it will be a good idea for us to replicate the black-and-white color scheme used in the header above throughout our whole website, in hopes of mimicking the clean minimalism of industrial illustrations and layouts. However, I’ll make sure to OK this with my teammates first, because I don’t want to turn into a tyrannical group boss or anything… I hear from our email moderator that we actually are receiving submissions, so hopefully The Kitchen Sink runs smoothly–no pun intended!


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