Searching for High Speed Internet in Rural Indiana

I’m remembering those days back when I used to live in the city and never had to worry about getting access to high speed internet. Never even thought about it. Well, if you move to rural Indiana (southern Indiana, basically, or anywhere more than 45 minutes from downtown Indianapolis) you’re going to have to start worrying about it. Here in Bedford, IN (don’t ask why I’m living here) there is no Comcast or Time Warner like there was in Zionsville or Bloomington. I’ve never even been faced with this issue before, but apparently while I’m living here for the next year or so I won’t be able to basically stream or watch any videos with YouTube or even download many songs or mp3s, which sadly for me is something I do quite often and don’t really even think about it much. One of the only high speed providers offering service in Bedford is Blaze Wifi, which I have never heard of and have no idea if they’re any good. Has anyone ever gotten service with this company before? Is their internet fast like they say it is? I’ll keep you updated on my travails to get high speed internet, and I’ll definitely post a review of Blaze Wifi’s service if it isn’t good!


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