Hello World!

Hi there. My name is Katie Shabi and I am a senior English major at Indiana University in Bloomington, with minors in history and art history. Welcome to my blog for ENG-W280, Literary Editing and Publishing (Spring 2011). Even though “Hello World!” is the generic title line that comes standard with all blogs, I think it sounds really cute so I’m going to keep it for mine. This design template (named “Pilcrow,” whatever that means) seemed to me to be an appropriate choice for an English blog, what with the bookshelf and all. And, since I will be using this blog primarily to share my opinion on the course readings as we complete them this semester, I figured that it would also be fitting to kick off with a link to one of my favorite comedy sketches starring “Nicholas Fehn,” an unprepared political comedian who provides his “own skewed view” on current events just off the top of his head. This is similar to what I’ll be doing with my blog, although hopefully a little more articulately…

“…Maybe it would help if you wrote it down.”



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  1. That video is fucking hilarious! And it reminds me of me.
    Maybe I’m setting myself up for this, but do you think my writing is like his speaking? Sometimes, I think it is. But,…at least I’m working on it.

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